The Porsche 911 Is In For A Major Upgrade

Electric cars are the future, as of now, that is a fact. As sad as it is to say, everything from our beloved sports cars, to eco friendly hybrids will become fully electric in due time. Internal combustion engines just won’t be able to keep up with stricter and stricter emissions laws. This will probably include the Porsche 911. Although Porsche has made it clear that an electric 911 is very long ways away, it’s going to happen eventually-assuming the 911 lives that long. But just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean we can “push” the deadline back, and Porsche seems to have done just that.

I’ve never been a big fan of hybrids, let alone electric cars. They’re either too heavy or they have no soul. This is why I’ve long been an advocate for the use of environmentally friendly biofuels. Our internal combustion engines are so clean now it really doesn’t make a difference with our carbon footprint now, this will be even less as technology advances. Therefore, the biggest problem we have is our limited supply of oil. I think it will be much more economically viable to spend our efforts on finding a renewable fuel that can our current cars can run on rather than converting everything to battery power. And it seems that Porsche agrees…with the 911 at least. That is because according to Germany’s Automobilwoche (say that 5 times fast), the Porsche 911 will run solely on synthetic fuels starting in 2024.

That said, the hybrid 911 isn’t going away, it’s still rumored to be coming in 2023 (probably in the form of a hybridized GT2RS or a 911 Turbo S E-Hybrid). But it seems that it’ll only be just another model in the ever expanding 911 lineup. Also, Porsche still wants half of its lineup to be electric by 2025. This would likely include the Taycan, a new 718, and the upcoming Macan EV. It’s what I would call a healthy compromise. Biofuels, or “eFuels” as Porsche calls them, have been nothing new. E85 Ethanol has long been a staple to any high performance build, especially when there’s boost involved.

As long as I can get my 2024 GT3 Touring in Jet Black Metallic with a 9000 RPM redline, I’ll be happy, even if it only runs on eFuel. It looks like the Porsche 911 has been thrown a new lifeline, and I hope Porsche will make the most of it.

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