The Next Chapter Of Porsche Motorsport Is Here

If there’s one thing Porsche does well, it’s racecars. People can say they don’t like the way a 911 drives or that a Boxster is too slow but no one can say that Porsche doesn’t build fast racecars. With new Porsches we always hear the term, “racecar for the road,” well the 992 GT3 Cup car is literally a racecar, and a rather good one.

Porsche has been building GT3 Cup cars since the 996 and the 992 version is better than ever. Power comes from a revised 4.0 liter flat 6 that now makes 510 hp (up from 485) and 347 lb/ft of torque which all gets routed through a 6 speed sequential racing gearbox. Better yet, this new engine can run on synthetic fuels which greatly reduce emissions. You can also choose from three different exhaust configurations based on your racing regulations.

On the outside, you can tell the new Cup car looks a lot more muscular since it now sits on the wider 911 Turbo body. The rear now meaures 28 mm wider than the previous generation (1902 mm) and the front axle now also measures 1920 mm wide. The new car also has Porsche’s signature swan neck wing design which is sure to increase downforce. Speaking of the body, the 992 GT3 Cup has a dry weight of 2777 lbs. This thing is not messing around.,

Aside from just being a badass racecar, the 992 GT3 Cup can really help us see what’s in store for Porsche’s upcoming road legal GT cars. The swan neck wing will obviously carry over to the next GT3RS and probably some engine and suspension components as well. Currently, the GT3 Cup competes in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup along with other countries’ national Porsche Carrera Cups which are always fun to watch.

If you want your own personal racecar, Porsche Motorsport will gladly sell you a 992 GT3 Cup for $272,576 dollars. If you ask me, I’d rather spend 20k extra and get a GT2RS but there’s nothing wrong if you fancy yourself a Cup car. Deliveries to racing teams will start in February 2021.

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