Mysterious 718 Coming With a Flat 6?

718 T 3
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With the introduction of the 996 911 back in 1999, Porsche changed many things. They changed their cars’ engines, their design language, etc. And along with changing their cars, Porsche also introduced their current model life cycle that we know and love today. For those that don’t know, this “life cycle” starts with the unveiling of a new car or new generation of car, for example, the 997 generation of 911. Then, about 3 years down the line, Porsche introduces a slightly updated, but not entirely new version of that car, the 997.2 generation 911 for example. After about 3 years of the updated version, a whole new generation is unveiled and this cycle repeats itself. Up until 2017, Porsche used this 6-7 year life cycle for all its models, it changed with the 718 Boxster and Cayman.

718 T 1
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What was supposed to happen according to the life cycle, was that Porsche was supposed to release a slightly updated version of the then new 981 generation Boxster and Cayman. What we got instead was an entirely new car, with an entirely new engine, chassis, etc. The introduction of the 718 Cayman and Boxster prematurely kicked off the 982 generation. As of this writing we are about 3 years into the current generation of 718 cars which could mean anything at this point. If Porsche follows the lifecycle that they recently broke, we could be in for a new, updated version of the 718 twins. Or if Porsche continues to break tradition, we could get nothing at all.

718 T 2
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This week however, a mysterious¬†video surfaced on YouTube which shows conclusive evidence that we are getting something, we just have no idea what it is. The video showed slightly camouflaged 718 Cayman and Boxsters speeding down the Nurburgring, pretty typical stuff. But there was something very off about these new cars, they were powered by a flat 6. That’s right, a new 718 was howling down the Nordschleife which makes me wonder, what even is it?

Could this be the new 982.2 generation, a new GT4/Spyder Touring model, an updated 718 GTS? Your guess is as good as mine. The reasoning for this new flat 6 powered 718 is also up in the air. Maybe Porsche is bringing back the flat 6 to save falling 718 sales. If this is the case, this is VERY good news because it shows that automakers-Porsche at least-are willing to replace their downsized, turbocharged models with new, naturally aspirated ones. Whatever this car was, we will likely know soon, since there wasn’t really any camouflage on the car to cover it up. But either way, it has a flat 6, like every Porsche sports car should, and that puts a big smile on my face. I can’t wait to find out what Porsche has in store!

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