Lotus Evija: The Future


Last Wednesday, we had the honor to visit Galpin’s Debut of the all new Lotus Evija, all thanks to David Gonzalez. A massive thank you to him for inviting us to this memorable event. This blog post will be a mixture of news and a hands on car review. So to the people who expected a Porsche post today, we’re sorry. This event was too important to pass.

The Lotus Evija is Lotus’ version of the rebirth of their company. Lotus is known for their renowned lightweight sports cars such as the Exige, Elise, and Evora. However, with this new Evija, Lotus is jumping headfirst into the Electric Hypercar market, going head to head with automakers like Rimac and Pininfarina, with the C_Two and Battista, respectively. The Lotus has significantly higher numbers. Is this the new Holy Trinity?

However, what makes this Lotus so special is it’s 4 engines producing a record breaking 2,000 horsepower. Keep in mind this car is going into production. The engines are supplied by a company many have heard of, Williams. They might be known more by their Formula 1 legacy, but they want to dive into the Formula E series because of obvious reasons (They’re failing in Formula 1). Developing a car with the same batteries helps the company test durability under extreme conditions. There are 4 motors, one powering each wheel.

The Aerodynamics of this car are like no other. This car even has DRS, borrowed from Formula 1, similar to Ferrari’s system on the LaFerrari. There is an active wing along a flap in the diffuser that raises and lowers depending on how much downforce is needed. There is a huge canal that reaches from the side of the car all the way to the rear for air to pass through. Anthony and I experimented with this canal and got some great photos.

Onto the interior. There is an unbelievable sense of simplicity while still being practical. The center console is perfectly laid out, with all the buttons on a seamless gloss black piece with an interesting pattern. The gauge cluster is one big hexagonal shaped screen. The steering wheel is reminiscent of those in Formula 1, being a small rectangular shape with many high quality components.

There is not a single piece of plastic in the interior. Absolutely everything is covered in Alcantara or carbon fiber. Did I mention there was no dashboard at all? The absence of mirrors is also noticeable. There are 3 very high definition screens showcasing what the conventional mirrors would, but with a better angle of view.

After experiencing all 3 of the Electric Hypercars, I would definitely take the Lotus Evija in a heartbeat. The design in the rear of the car is so unique, the numbers are insane, and it has been developed by a Formula 1 team. I am looking forward to seeing what these can do on the track and to see the reliability. Lotus took a jump, not a step, in the right direction, and I think we can all agree that they did a fantastic job.


Author: Ken Beainy

I like cars.

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