The All-Electric Macan Is Coming in Hot

Macan 1
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Numbers are everything, period. They determine what we do, how we feel, how we act. They explain the world around us and provide the key to unlock the future. And there are an infinite amount of numbers, literally, yet today’s car scene seems to be obsessed with the number 7. It seems that every day now, supercars are setting sub 7 minute Nurburgring laps with 700+ hp cars. Heck, even a Jeep Grand Cherokee has 700+ hp. Being a leader in the performance car world, its no surprise that Porsche has adopted the 700 hp gold standard. The fastest 911, Cayenne, Taycan, and Panamera all have around 700 hp. And recent news suggests that the Macan will soon be joining the 700 hp club.

Macan 2
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The Porsche Taycan changed the brand forever, there’s no doubting that. With the Taycan came the development of Porsche’s J1 platform, which is where our story begins today. Now, it’s no secret that Porsche was planning on electrifying their baby SUV, the Macan, in the near future. The only problem was that Porsche didn’t really have a platform to accommodate the heavy batteries that power EVs. That was until the Taycan arrived with its J1 platform. From the J1 platform, Volkswagen derived its new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) Platform which the new Macan EV will be based on.

The target date is around 2021, and initially, the Macan EV will be sold alongside its gas powered brother although it will sport a radically different design so we can easily differentiate the two. Now I know what you’re thinking-and I thought the same thing when I first heard of this-,”Who cares about the Macan?” Porsche enthusiasts-at least the ones reading this-care about sports cars, emotion, and horsepower; a new electric SUV is literally the opposite of those 3. I admit, at first glance, this does kind of look bad. But remember Porsche’s obsession with the number 7? Well what if I told you that this new electric Macan will be making up to 700 hp and not just any horsepower, 700 instant, electric horsepower with electric all wheel drive. Now that’s a Porsche.

Macan 3
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That’s right, the upcoming electric Macan Turbo and Tubro S (yes I know what you’re thinking about the name) will be making around 700 hp, just like the 911 GT2RS. This upcoming electric Macan also begs a different question: Which cars will Porsche electrify next?


From a business standpoint, it seems reasonable, and probable that Porsche will further modify the Taycan’s J1 platform to accommodate an actual sports car, a 718 perhaps? Like the Macan, it’s also been rumored that Porsche will be electrifying the 718 twins so I don’t think it’s that far fetched to assume that the J1 platform is Porsche’s first step to making electric sports car. Anyway, let me know what you think. Is an electric Macan just another fast SUV, or the first step in Porsche’s electric car world domination?

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