Where is the Manual 992?

992 M 1
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It’s been almost a year since the 992 generation 911 was unveiled to the world at the LA Auto Show. In that year, the 992 911 has clearly established itself as a car worthy of the 911 badge. Journalist after journalist has raved about the 992’s distinct, 911 style driving feel despite its increased focus on luxury. The 992 is in every way a true 911 so that’s good, but there’s still a lot more to come.

992 M 2
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In the year where we’ve had the 992, not much has actually happened in terms of new info. The only models out right now are the Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera S, and Carrera 4S along with their cabriolet counterparts. Compared to the 30+ variants that were offered for the 991 generation 911, the 992 seems to be falling short, not that it’s a bad thing. But anyway, the 992 clearly has a long way to go and judging by the undisguised 992 Turbos, targas, GT3s, and GTSs, that have been seen testing out on the track, Porsche is clearly up to something. But despite the non-stop onslaught of 992 variants, there seems to be a lack of manual 992s. The only 992s that have been seen recently with a manual have been the GT3 prototypes, but what about the Carrera models already on sale?

992 M 3
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For those that don’t know, the 992 was revealed at the 2018 LA Autoshow in the form of the Carrera S and 4S, each solely equipped with Porsche’s new 8 speed PDK transmission. When I was at the event, I noticed the lack of a manual transmission and fearing the worst, I asked about its absence , and was reassured that it would become available next year. Well, we’re about 82% through with 2019 and we’ve yet to see a 992 Carrera with a manual transmission. I don’t know about you but this is pretty alarming.

992 M 4
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The manual transmission has always been a staple of a true Porsche. It is what truly connects the driver to the car. The feeling of rowing your own gears through a twisty canyon road is what Porsche has always been about. I understand that the PDK is faster and still fun to drive-trust me, I’ve driven one-but nothing compares to the driving feel of a manual transmission. And it’s not like we’ve never seen a prototype either. Long before the 992 was revealed, an image surfaced of a disguised prototype with, you guessed it, a proper manual gearbox. So has Porsche really given up on the manual for its base model cars? We already lost the NA engine, and I certainly hope we don’t lose the manual transmission. Let’s hope that the upcoming LA Auto Show will clear some things up for us.

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