The Ducktailed 992 Turbo: New Option or New Model?

What do you think this mysterious ducktailed 911 is?


For years, the Nurburgring Nordschleife has been known as the “gold standard” as far as tracks go. It has everything from high speed corners to tight second gear turns, combined with banks and elevation changes. This 16.12 mile stretch has become the ultimate measure of a car’s handling; it’s no wonder so many Porsches have been caught testing here.

992 dt 2
Photo Credit: HERE

Earlier this week, a mysterious 992 prototype with a very unique ducktail spoiler was caught tearing up the track in typical Porsche fashion. Now, ducktail spoilers have been on 911s since the very beginning, so it was only a matter of time before the 992 got the ducktail treatment right? Well, not exactly. The weird thing about this car was that it was unmistakably a 911 Turbo, now that is something we have never seen before.

At face value, this could just be a new option for the Turbo lineup, but rumor has it that this new 911 could in fact be an all new model; supposedly called the 911 Turbo GTS. For those that don’t know, Porsche’s current 911 Turbo lineup consists of two main models, the base 911 Turbo and the more powerful 911 Turbo S. Both cars come powered by a 3.8 liter twin turbocharged flat 6 making 540 hp in the base model and 580 hp in the S (these power figures are expected to rise significantly with the upcoming 992 models).

992 dt 3
Photo Credit: HERE

If this prototype is a Turbo “GTS,” expect a slight bump in power from the S, along with a bunch of optional extras that will come as standard since Porsche’s GTS models have always been about getting a bunch of options for a cheaper price.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of a brand featuring lots of models just for the sake of having more cars. Take the BMW Gran Coupes for example, they literally have no purpose other than to cannibalize the sales of proper BMW sedans like the 3 series and 5 series. The same goes for Porsche having over 30 different 911 models, I just think it’s pointless. If it were up to me, I would only have one Carrera model (equivalent to a Carrera GTS), a Carrera 4 model (equivalent to a Carrera 4 GTS), a Targa model (equivalent to a Targa 4 GTS), a 911 Turbo (equivalent to a Turbo S), a GT3, GT2, and their RS counterparts. The GT3 Touring can stay too.

992 dt 4
Photo Credit: HERE

But regardless of what I think about Porsche’s model expansion, I think we can all agree that whatever this new car is, it will be fast, sexy, and a joy to drive; a supercar worthy of the Porsche name.

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One thought on “The Ducktailed 992 Turbo: New Option or New Model?”

  1. I believe that in order for a company to survive it has to be competitive and in today’s market it means offering your customers as many choices as your competitors, so for Porsche to have so many different models is normal.
    Great article as always 👍🏼

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