The Mercedes AMG E63S: A Beauty And A Beast

E63 1.jpg

The AMG E63S. It’s a car that won’t break necks unless you’re a car enthusiast due to it’s subtle styling, but has the power to break necks with its savage 4.0L biturbo V8. A huge thank you to David Behdazi (@siramg_) for letting us review his tuned E63S (and his 718 Boxster which you can read here). 

When the AMG E63S debuted, it was miles different than the outgoing E63. For starters, it came with all wheel drive and a new turbocharged 4.0L V8 with 603 horsepower and 627 lb/ft of torque. Not to mention the new pair of 12.3 inch screens for the infotainment system. David decided the power figures weren’t enough and tuned the car, which now produces 730 horsepower and the Meisterschaft exhaust gave it the roar that it deserved. We can’t thank him enough for that.

E63 2

I have never experienced more savage launch control in my life. It really, really moves for a sedan that weighs 4,587 pounds, plus the 4 occupants in the car. The car launched so quickly, everything in my frame of vision became blurry and it genuinely felt like a scene out of Back to the Future. My reaction time couldn’t keep up with the car and I had to use left foot braking to stop the car before the stop sign. 

E63 3

Which brings me to the brakes. The 6 piston brakes are a massive 360mm which are internally vented and perforated. That means I stopped about 2 car lengths behind the stop sign. It’ll pull your head back and forth with painful G forces. But the suspension system couldn’t be better. This car will accelerate and brake fairly flat. With a push of a button it’ll turn the suspension from a comfortable luxury Mercedes to a hardcore AMG monster.

E63 4

The steering is precise, considering it’s a modern car. It’s nicely weighted where you can genuinely feel where the car is going. It’s not making you guess where the wheels are turning. Speaking of the wheels, the new aggressive 20 inch AMG wheels will show people that this definitely isn’t your grandma’s E300.


E63 5

The looks of the car though, are quite subtle considering the fact that it’ll happily demolish supercars in a drag race. The E63 S boasts larger front vents, a wider and lower stance, and aggressive quad exhausts at the rear. David’s sponsors, Mode Carbon, added a lip to give it that extra kick of aggressiveness. He also installed a chip that will allow the car to lower itself, giving the E63S a menacing stance when parked. 


E63 6

My conclusion is, the E63S is an insane performance sleeper that you can still daily without sacrificing practicality. It genuinely shocked me with the performance and handling but still redeemed its luxury with the signature Mercedes interior and the configurable suspension system. Once again, a huge thank you to David and we look forward to working together in the future!

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