The 992 Turbo Has Been Leaked!


Porsche has been teasing us time and time again with the upcoming 992 models. First, the GT3s spotted at the Nurburgring, then the Turbos, then the GT3 Touring and that one weird 911 Turbo with a ducktail (still don’t know what that is). They finally gave us something with the 992 GT3 in their Superbowl commercial but then went back to radio silence after that. But now, NOW we finally have something.

Just weeks before its official reveal at the 2020 Geneva Motorshow, pictures of the new 992 911 Turbo S have been leaked, and it’s very interesting to say the least.


Now don’t get me wrong. I think that in person especially, the 992 is a very beautiful 911. From some angles, I think it even looks better than my personal favorite, the 997.2. However, the biggest problem with the 992 design in my opinion was that it’s design was too fine tuned in a way for the Carrera models. It’s like the color black and yellow. Both can be amazing colors for cars, yet more cars can look good in black whereas only a few can look just as good in yellow. The 991 design (especially the 991.2) is a perfect, jet black metallic. It’s beautiful in all variations, has very clean lines, width, everything. The 992 on the other hand, seems more like a Dakar Yellow for all you BMW fans out there. It looks great as a Carrera, or Carrera S, but I’m not so sure about a Turbo or GT3.

I mean, judge for yourself, but I just don’t think the 992 Turbo is as jaw dropping as a 991 Turbo. The front is too pointy, and the squared edges don’t do service to the Turbo’s elegant curves and menacing stance. The side profile however, which I think is the 992 does best, is very pleasing; it’s very “Turbo” like along with the rear, which is much less bulbous that the 992 Carrera. The front just kills in in my opinion.


The 992 design language does raise questions though about more extreme models, like the GT3 per say. The way the 992 is designed points more towards subtlety rather than the extravagance that we see with the GT models. Wings and aerokits just don’t seem to be the 992’s thing, I mean, just look at the 992 Carrera S with the aerokit…it’s hideous.

I hope Porsche takes this into account with the design of their GT cars because if not, we’re going to have some really fast, but really ugly cars. I guess it’s all about what’s on the inside now.

What do you think, are we being too harsh on the 992 Turbo? What do you think of the new 992 design? We’d love to hear what you think!

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