Porsche’s New Accessory Raises A Question About Classic Cars

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A classic Porsche, is truly something special. Many in fact, argue that the Porsches of new are nothing compared to their air-cooled brethren. They would rather have a 944 Turbo over a new Cayman or a 993 Carrera RS over a 991.2 GT3RS. I honestly can’t blame them, the old cars just have something special about them and arguably feel better to drive. But there is one thing the newer cars have that the old cars simply cannot match: good infotainment. Things like bluetooth radio and Apple Car Play unfortunately did not exist up until a few years ago, and that can be a big pain for anyone with an older car-Porsches included. I for example find it easier to play Spotify through my phone than to try and connect it to my 986 Boxster’s radio. But Porsche now has a solution: PCCM.

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Originally introduced in 2015, PCCM, or “Porsche Classic Communication Management,” is a high quality, modern infotainment setup meant to replace those in older models. In my opinion, it looks fantastic. It’s very clean, subtle, and doesn’t really disturb the vintage character of the car. As of this year, PCCM is being upgraded with Apple Car Play, which is a plus to many. More importantly though, Porsche has decided to expand their PCCM upgrade to newer cars like the 986 Boxster and the 996 911.

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PCCM Plus (the one for the 986 and 996) features a 7 inch touchscreen with all the modern amenities including Android Auto which isn’t included in new Porsches surprisingly. The system is pricy though, costing $1,555 for PCCM and $1,735 for PCCM Plus, so I’d probably save it for a 996 Carrera or GT3 instead of buying it for my $8,000 986.

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Now all this tech is cool, don’t get my wrong, but should we really be fitting modern features into classic cars? To be completely honest, I totally understand the side of those who wouldn’t but if I had a classic Porsche, I would definitely get this. PCCM isn’t some tacky aftermarket radio, it’s a carefully designed, genuine Porsche product. With PCCM you can carve up a canyon road in your 993 Turbo listening to your favorite Spotify playlist without a care in the world. I say it’s a great buy for anyone who owns a piece of Porsche history.

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One thought on “Porsche’s New Accessory Raises A Question About Classic Cars”

  1. It brings the question of whether or not people like to keep things original with resale in mind. As is the case with classic cars, the more original, the higher the monetary value. In the end, one can swap back the original radio of a car if they feel like “going back” to the 80s or 90s. All aside,I hope Porsche comes up with a unit for the 997, as the PCM unit in that car is long outdated, even on the .2 cars.


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