The New GT3RS MR: When Your Racecar Isn’t “Racecar” Enough

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I would first like to begin this article by apologizing for not uploading yesterday. Some technical difficulties (i.e. my broken wifi router) caused quite a problem yesterday and prevented me from uploading Sunday’s article.

So we all know about Manthey Racing by now right? They are the German racing team responsible for conjuring the current Nurburgring record holder, the Porsche GT2RS MR.  And Porsche owns 51% of Manthey Racing so technically the GT2RS MR is still stock…technically.

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Well they’ve come up with a new upgrade package, this time for the louder, arguably more fun GT3RS. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Porsche GT3RS MR, the car you get when your current GT3RS-which is faster around the Nurburgring than a 918 Spyder-just isn’t fast enough for you. Yup, they turned the dial up from 11, to 12.

From the outside, the car looks rather similar to a normal GT3RS. For the MR, Manthey Racing has fitted a subtle, yet effective aerokit consisting of a redesigned engine deckled, a rear gurney flap, and a much larger rear wing. Not to mention there are some really cool looking canards at the front. The important stuff comes with the suspension though. The GT3RS MR comes with 3 and 4 way adjustable KW coilovers to improve the already mental handling along with new brake pads and brake lines to maximize the car’s stopping power. You can also opt for lightweight wheels with some really funky looking, yet functional aero disks on the rear. A cool throwback to the original Porsche 935.

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The engine though, has remained untouched, which I find rather odd considering the GT3RS’ weakest link in my opinion was its relatively low 520 hp power output. Our friend, Edmond was able to tune his 991.2 GT3RS to produce over 600 hp while still remaining naturally aspirated so the tuning potential is there. I’m just surprised Mathey Racing didn’t take advantage of it.

Now the real question is, how much all of this will cost. Well we don’t have an official price yet, but judging from the price of the kit for the GT2RS, expect to pay around $110,000 for Manthey Racing to convert your “normal” GT3RS into a GT3RS MR. Is it worth it? If you’re constantly at the track and have some money to spare, I’d say go for it, but other than that, I think the “normal” GT3RS will do just fine.

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