The Porsche Taycan Just Got Even Faster

Porsche’s sedans have been killing it recently, more so than the 911 actually. I mean, the new Panamera Turbo just set a new Nurburgring lap record and now the Taycan just became a whole lot faster through a software update-you just can’t make this stuff up. The only thing I can see Porsche doing with the 911 to top this would be revealing the new GT3; hint hint Porsche.

So yes you read that correctly, the Taycan is quite a bit faster before, and yes it was through a software update; one of the many advantages of electric cars. The new and improved 2021 Taycan Turbo S is now 0.2 seconds faster to 124 mph (it can now reach that speed in just 9.6 seconds) and it finishes the quarter mile in 10.7 seconds instead of 10.8. Not bad for a sedan weighing 5,121 lbs.

Aside from the performance upgrade, the 2021 Taycan now comes with a multi section heads-up display for the driver along with a new “Smartlift” system which allows you t0 program the Taycan’s air suspension to lift the car up at certain locations which should prove useful for familiar driveways and your favorite fast food restaurants. The new system also optimizes your ride height on the highway to allow for maximum comfort and efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, the cars now have an “Intelligent Range Manager” available along with a new system called Porsche InnoDrive. Porsche InnoDrive is pretty neat as it works with your Adaptive Cruise Control to help the car change speed to adapt to different traffic conditions. With the new tech, Porsche’s getting closer and closer to Tesla’s Autopilot system; once they have that it’s game over for the Model S.

Speaking of Tesla’s, they’re really easy to charge right, I mean with their Supercharger network and all? Well the Taycan now has Porsche’s new Plug and Charge Service which automatically pays for any charging you do outside your home. This will also be compatible with the Electrify America charging points starting in 2021. Along with making charging easier, Taycan owners can also set their cars’ charging capacities to 200 kW instead of the standard 270kW to help promote battery longevity.

Keep in mind all of these new features can be installed on 2020 models via over the air update if desired. And to top it all off, the 2021 Taycan comes with 7 new exterior colors, 5 new interior options, and a while new host of optional extras to make your Taycan even more special, as if owning Porsche’s first electric sports car isn’t special enough.

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