Porsche’s Mysterious Ducktail Turbo Has Been Spotted Yet Again

A few months ago, a mysterious 992 prototype with a distinct ducktail spoiler was spotted testing on the Nurburgring. So what’s the big deal, isn’t a ducktail a regular option? Well, yes, that would be true, but the thing is, this prototype had some very distinct side intakes as well indicative of a 911 Turbo. That’s new. Initially we thought it might be a special lightweight edition of the current 992 Turbo S but what if it’s a new car entirely?

This car was spotted again on the Nurburgring, and this time we could see that it was sporting some lightweight bucket seats along with a very GT3RS-like roll cage. All this weight savings, these aero bits, they’re cool and all, but they’re not very 911 Turbo. What if, just what if this is an entirely new Porsche GT car?

We wrote an article a few weeks ago about the upcoming release date for the 992 GT3 and I think this might be the car that they’re revealing, not the GT3. For one, the pictures we got of the car didn’t look at all like the GT3 prototypes we’ve seen. Secondly, the sources where the rumor originated claimed that a new “GT car” was bring revealed, they didn’t specify a GT3 model.

So this car is basically one of two things. It’s either a lightweight 911 Turbo or an entirely new GT car. Either way, we’re in for a treat. The current 992 Turbo S is such a phenomenal machine who’s only real weakness is its rather hefty curb weight. Reducing weight by any amount would open up the potential of that monstrous 3.8 liter twin turbo flat 6 by a huge amount. And since it’s a lightweight model, it’ll also be very “driver oriented” meaning there could be a possibility of a manual transmission.

As for an entirely new GT model, I think that’s also a great idea. We haven’t really gotten a new GT car since the 997 GT2RS and I think it’s a great idea for Porsche to expand its GT lineup. Maybe this could be a more road focused Porsche GT car to take on the likes of the Ferrari 812 or even just a turbocharged version of the GT3 Touring. Who knows?

All we know is that it will likely be revealed sometime in January 2021 so keep your eyes open. Something great is coming.

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