Hypercar Level Performance: The Gemballa Turbo S

991 Turbo S Cover

I would like to begin by thanking Cody (@cody23m) for providing his 911 Turbo S to support RS Report. When I received an invite to a prestige event called Cars and Jets, I scrambled to get a ride from supercar owners everywhere in SoCal. Cars and Jets is the only private super and hyper car show in the world. In the words of the founder, Steven Barth, “This event sets itself apart from the countless others by going back to the roots when owners got together and shared the passion for cars without having to deal with countless photographers, police, angry neighbors, and people looking for business opportunities when we just want to enjoy a Sunday with friends. Making owners and their personal guests the only attending creates a relaxing atmosphere that leads to great conversation and friendships. In the end that’s what makes the car scene the most fun.”

991 Turbo S Side

I humbly asked Cody if he would like to attend with his monster of a 911. May 11th was the best day of my life. Before the event, our crew met up in front of my house. When Cody pulled up, I ran outside to greet him and was confronted by, essentially, the German Batmobile. The bolt on wheel arches, the massive wing, the beautiful 3 piece Gemballa wheels, and the exposed carbon fiber engine vents just added to the overall effect of the car. Gemballa wasn’t messing around when it designed this masterpiece.

991 Turbo S Arches

As I climbed into the Gemballa Turbo S, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It had a gorgeous red leather interior and even heated seats. It was like climbing into a comfortable bed that was conveniently placed on top a 950 horsepower, 900 lb/ft of torque monster. By Design extracted these hypercar level numbers on a low tune. That’s right, this thing can be cranked up even higher. There’s a methanol injection kit that converts 91 octane into 95 octane, but the car can run race gas if need be. The full spec sheet will be at the bottom of the article.
The startup was quiet, due to those massive turbos sucking in all of the glorious noises that flat 6 could’ve produced [Insert Anthony’s GT3RS article here].

991 Turbo S Interior

As we pulled onto the main road, I still couldn’t find the difference between Anthony’s 997 911 and this Turbo S. It wasn’t until Cody smashed that gas pedal all the way into the floor that I felt like I was either going to throw up, pass out, or die. I do have a phobia of roller coasters, and this car should’ve had a big fat warning label on the dashboard. I clutched my stomach as the view became blurrier and blurrier, and finally, a godsend. There was a red light. I couldn’t have imagined this car would accelerate that fast. I was at a loss for words, they couldn’t even begin to describe the magnitude of acceleration that this car can achieve.

991 Turbo S Rally

As we drove closer to the event, our crew encountered an insanely loud Gallardo Superleggera, which attempted to overtake us. Now, Gallardo Superleggeras are nothing to be joked about, but with one magical downshift, we accelerated to his overtaking speed in less than a second. Literally. As I tried to take out my phone to film, we encountered a stop sign, which approached us much, much faster than I could perceive. Now, this meant braking. Hard, hard braking. Never have I felt that many G forces pull on my body; If I didn’t have a seatbelt on, I would’ve undoubtedly flew out of the windshield. I felt my face begin to pull off in ways I’ve never felt before.

991 Turbo S Back.jpg

During the rally through Angeles Crest, the car still took corners flawlessly. This car might be extremely fast in a straight line, but it is still a 911, corners are its middle name. As we pulled to the side to regroup, people approached us excitedly to tell us that the Turbo S was shooting flames. That’s the least to be expected when Gemballa and By Design get their hands on a car. Those Turbos have to breathe somehow right?

991 Turbo S Front

What I experienced in this Gemballa Turbo S could be considered torture to some people, but I enjoyed every single second spent in that car, it was truly mind blowing. Thanks again to Cars and Jets for organizing this event and Cody for generously taking me to this event. This was truly the best day of my life by far, and I owe it all to them.
Here is the spec list:

991 Turbo S Spec List

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