The 991.2 911 GT3RS: Porsche’s Cup Car for the Road

GT3RS Cover

The great Muhammad Ali once said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the Porsche 911 GT3RS. This weekend, I had the privilege of attending Cars and Jets, an exclusive car meet that takes place inside an airport hangar. At the event, I was overwhelmed by the cars there; I mean there were two Lamborghini Aventador SVJs that everyone was ignoring since there was a Lamborghini Diablo GTR and a Jaguar XJ220 on the other side of the hangar. Also, special thanks to Steven from Cars and Jets for making this all happen.

Our contribution to the event included bringing two 991.2 GT3RS’, a 950 hp Gemballa 991.1 Turbo S, along with a 991.1 GT3. The RS’ were piloted by gad_autobody and 50K2la, while the 950 hp Turbo S was piloted by cody23m and the 991.1 GT3 by z_kirovakan (these are their Instagram names). After the amazing meet, most of us decided to rally up the legendary Angeles Crest Highway. On the rally, I had the honor of riding with gad_autobody in his GT3RS and what an experience it was.

GT3RS Side

Up until Cars and Jets, the fastest car I had ever rode in was my dad’s 997.1 911 Carrera, the car that started my love for cars. Up until then, a 3 second 0-60 time was just a number, beyond my realm of imagination. The howl of a 9000 RPM redline was just something I heard on YouTube, and the lightning quick shift times of a PDK were just cool facts to know. On the rally, I now knew what these numbers meant, the exhileration they produced, and the smile they put on one’s face.

My dad’s 911 is a fast car without a doubt. The acceleration pins you to the back of your seat, you can take corners at any speed you like, it makes a great sound, etc. But nothing could prepare me for the GT3RS. The way car grips and turns is beyond what words can describe. I was constantly pinned to the back of the carbon fiber bucket seat as we carved up the canyons, never once slowing down. High and low speed corners were taken at break-neck speeds and you could tell the car could still do more. It was as if it was taunting us after each turn, telling us it can do better. We weren’t even close to the car’s limits and it felt as if we were cutting a line straight through the laws of physics. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “It has so much grip, that your eyes start to hurt.” Not to mention the GT3RS did all of this without an inch of body roll, or a loss of grip; it felt like a literal roller coaster except faster…much MUCH faster.

GT3RS Rally

As if the handling wasn’t perfect, the acceleration literally pinned me back to my seat like nothing I’d experienced before, it made my dad’s 911 feel like Honda Civic. This was in part due to the PDK transmission; this was also my first time experiencing Porsche’s world renowned PDK transmission. When the PDK first came out, I had heard rumors that its shifts were so fast that you could not feel them, all you felt was a constant stream of power and torque. I can verify that these rumors are 100% true. They’re so true in fact, that if there was no engine sound, I would’ve thought that the GT3RS was an electric car. The acceleration feels morelike my friend’s Tesla than my dad’s 911.

And the sound, did I mention the sound? The howl of the engine was unlike anything you hear in the videos. The microphones fail to capture the emotion, the true tone of the engine. When those valves opened, the gates of Heaven opened. The sound captures you, engulfs you, and it somehow amplifies everything you’re feeling. The acceleration feels faster, the tires grip harder, the car turns faster, everything is cranked up to 11. The sound was the icing on the lizard green cake.

GT3RS Back Seat
One of the only pictures ever to be taken from the back of a GT3RS

From the moment you’re captured by those carbon fiber bucket seats, you know you’re in something special. The jerkiness of the transmission at low speeds begs you to go fast and the sound pushes you to go even faster. The ride is back-breaking and it is horribly impractical-although I did find out that the back “seats” can hold people if need be (RIP z_kirovakan’s rear tire). But once we were in those canyons, these “faults” became the GT3RS’ redeeming factors, it all made sense. I realized that the GT3RS is not a sports car or even a supercar, it is a tried and true racecar.

I would like to thank GAD Auto Body again for truly one of the greatest days of my life. GAD will take care of all of your bodywork, towing, and vinyl wrapping needs. Their shop is located in Glendale, CA. They also do supercar rentals! Most importantly though, the guys at GAD are true craftsmen and their passion for what they do clearly shows in their results. Click on this paragraph to visit their website.

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