The Porsche 918’s Successor May Be Coming Sooner Than We Thought

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The 911 is what makes Porsche Porsche. For over 50 years, this iconic, rear engined sports car has been redefining the performance car industry unlike anything else. But every 10 years or so, Porsche decides to go all out. Forget the 911 here, I’m talking about Porsche’s mid engined supercars. It started with the 959 (which is rear engined, but still), then the 911 GT1, followed by the Carrera GT, and finally the 918 Spyder. All of these cars were among the fastest cars of their day, introducing revolutionary design, engineering, and performance which other cars wouldn’t be able to match for generations. Every 10 years or so, Porsche makes one of these “halo cars” and it’s without a doubt that the next one will be electric.


Now, after the reveal of the 918, Porsche made it very clear that they were in no rush to make a successor since battery technology was not advanced enough to create a proper, lightweight supercar. This still applies today. Although batteries have gotten better, today’s electric hypercars are still very heavy compared to their gas powered competitors. Granted they make around 2000 hp (I’m talking to you Lotus Evija) but that’s not what Porsche is looking to build. Based off of this, I think it’s safe to assume that Porsche’s next halo car is more than a few years away. But think again.


All electric cars from the Nissan Leaf to the Rimac Concept One are powered by lithium ion batteries, the best of which are pretty heavy and only have about 300 miles worth of range in them. Samsung however, recently made a discovery. Using a type of battery called a solid state battery, they were able to create a longer lasting, more energy dense battery that could potentially power an EV for 500 miles. Not to mention, it would have a lifecycle 1000 charges-that’s 500,000 miles on one battery pack! Cool stuff, I know, but how does this apply to Porsches?


Well, if automakers choose to adopt and further develop this technology, Porsche could finally have the lightweight batteries they have been looking for to put in the 918 successor. Now obviously this is all speculation and we have some years left before this tech gets approved for use in EVs, but it’s a good sign that things are improving. Progress is being made people and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we get our next halo car a few years early.

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