The Coronavirus Finally Takes Its Toll On Porsche

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As many of us have been recently informed of, the COVID-19 virus has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives. It has halted our economy, our jobs, our commutes, and our social lives. It has also halted what we hold very dearly to our hearts: the beautiful automobile. Production has ceased worldwide due to this COVID-19 outbreak, and Porsche is no exception to this. Due to a foreseeable decrease in demand, the entire Volkswagen Group, including Porsche has halted production for 2 weeks, as of now. 

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What does this mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean anything terrible, it’s just a way for Porsche to deflect any sort of loss in the company, so they don’t have to pay any of the workers on the production line. Porsche has also halted any business trips to decrease the amount of contact between their employees. By employing these extreme measures, Porsche has secured financial stability through this challenging and unique time in the world. 

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“With these measures, our company contributes to the protection of the workforce and the reduction of the spread of the coronavirus. The actual consequences are not yet predictable. It is therefore too early for forecasts. What is clear is that 2020 will be a very challenging year,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “We can only overcome the pandemic together and by taking rigorous measures.” 

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Because of the virus and our weakening economy, a decrease in demand was inevitable. They can’t just make a new Boxster and Cayenne and call it a day because those cars saved them when they were nearing bankruptcy. A decrease in demand means every single car. 

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There’s a two way street to this situation. No production might save Porsche’s financial situation, but the RS Report situation won’t fare that well. There will be a decrease in what we can write about in our articles so we want to hear about what you want to read! Please leave suggestions in the comments, no request will go unnoticed. More car reviews? Some history about rare and forgotten Porsches? Maybe some production numbers and special editions? Let us know!

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