The 718 GT4RS Might Be Coming With GT3 Levels Of Power

GT4RS 500 1
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It can be argued that the Cayman GT4 is one of the best Porsches made in the last 15 years. It’s fast, lightweight, good looking, and a joy to drive-many would prefer it to a 911 as a matter of fact. Now ever since the 981 generation GT4 was unveiled, there were rumors about a faster and even more powerful GT4RS model. For the 981 generation, the rumors were just that, rumors. That is not the case for the 982 (718) generation.


There have been constant spyshots and Nurburgring sightings of a heavily modified 718 GT4 sporting a PDK transmission. This is definitely the RS. But we’ve known this for months, this is old news. What we didn’t know until now, was this new monster’s power output. Predictions back when sightings first emerged ranged around the 450-475 range. This seemed pretty reasonable. Enough horsepower to make the GT4RS fast, but not as fast as a GT3. Long story short, we were wrong…very wrong.

GT4RS 500 3
Photo Credit: HERE

As of this week, rumors have surfaced that the GT4RS could be packing as much as 500 hp from its naturally aspirated 4.0 Liter Flat 6. Given that the current 718 GT4 weighs around 3200 lbs, its pretty safe to assume that this new GT4RS could very well have a power-to-weight ratio similar to, if not better than, a 991 GT3. Combine that with its new, revised chassis, a mid engined layout, and a PDK transmission, and you’ve got yourself one serious track toy.


This begs the question: will Porsche do anything to make the GT4RS slower than a 911? For those that don’t know, in the world of Porsche, the 911 reigns supreme. A Cayman/Boxster can NEVER be faster than the 911. We’ve seen Porsche make sure of this in every generation of Cayman/Boxster. Whether it’s restricting the exhaust to get less power (986 Boxster) or giving the cars unnecessarily long gearing (current and previous GT4/Spyders), Porsche always does something. But just the fact that they’re actually going through with a GT4RS could mean that there will be no restrictions this time. Porsche could very well be going all out on this new GT4RS project. If so, what will that spell for the GT3? Only time will tell.

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