The Porsche 918’s Successor Will NOT Be Fully Electric

918 1
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Believe it or not, the Porsche 918 ended production 5 years ago, I know right. And up until a few months ago, we had only gotten hints that a successor would  be coming in the following years; not much else. That was until Porsche unveiled their stunning 917 Concept Study model, hinting at what the future had to offer. Then again, that really didn’t mean much considering it was nothing more than a drawing brought to life meant to be a tribute to the legendary 917 racecar. That changed today.

918 2
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Thanks to the Dutch news site, Autovisie, we now have leaked patent images from Porsche of what very well may be, the next 918. As you can see, the design is HEAVILY based off of the 917 Concept Study we saw just a few months ago. And judging by all the detail, angles, and features, this looks very much like a production car to be. Oh, and it’s pretty beautiful too.

918 3
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Now, I know what you’re thinking. “So what, it’s just a basic drawing,” and I guess you would be right. However, if you look at the back, you can clearly see two exhaust pipes sticking out of the car. This tells us two very important details about the car. One, the new car will have some sort of combustion engine which is huge since previously, we thought it would be electric. And two, this car is likely coming much sooner than we thought. Let me elaborate on that.

918 5
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When asked about whether or not they’d be making an electric hypercar, Porsche stated time and time again that they were waiting for battery technology to improve before they went through with such a project (they wanted batteries to be lighter). So assuming Porsche is staying true to their word, it’s very likely that Porsche decided that they didn’t want to wait for lighter batteries, they wanted to make the car now.

918 4
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It would make sense too, considering that in a year or two, we’re going to have cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the AMG One, and the McLaren Speedtail. Not to mention all the new electric hypercars that’ll hit the market. I guess Porsche wants a piece of the pie now, and I’m so glad they’re using a combustion engine. This is gonna be good…I can feel it.

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