It Seems The Porsche Macan Is Due For A Second Facelift

The way Porsche does their model progression is pretty simple. They start with a new generation of a model (for example, the 997 911) and then about half way through the model’s lifecycle, they give the car a sliht refresh, or “facelift” (the 997.2 911). Then, when it comes time for another facelift, a new generation is introduced (the 991 911) and the cycle repeats itself. This system is effective, and pretty predictable; they’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.

If we take a look at history, we can see that the current generation of Porsche Macan, which was first introduced in 2014, had its facelift in 2018. That’s why it’s so weird that we’re seeing prototypes for a second facelifted Macan. The reason? Well, we know that the next generation of Macan will be all electric when it’s unveiled in 2022, so it seems Porsche is willing to break tradition, just to give a few last minute updates to their last, gas powered Macan.

From the looks of it, exterior changes seem pretty subtle. From the camouflage, we can tell that the car will have a slightly redesigned front end, along with some new doors, and mirrors (I doubt anyone will notice).

The big changes will come with the interior though. Thanks to some spyshots, we can see that the new Macan has an all new center control stack and center screen. These are all touch screen of course and seem to be based off of the new Cayenne. There is also a revised steering wheel which looks a lot more like the 992 911 steering wheel along with a redesigned PDK shifter.

As far as the engine goes, not much is known. There have been no announcements made regarding a change in powertrain, or the addition of new engines. But since this is just a facelift, expect a slight power increase across the board from updated versions of the 4 and 6 cylinder engines that power the current Macan models.

As of now, I think it’s nice that the Macan is getting some updates. Its interior seems to finally be on par with that of the new BMW X3. I’m more curious to see how this pans out for the all electric Macan. since this is for the 2021 model and the electric Macan is coming in 2022, does this mean that the gas and electric car will be sold at the same time? Also, how will the electric Macan’s design differ from the second facelift? I guess we’ll see pretty soon.

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