The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Is Almost Here!

Over the years, Porsche has made a lot of cars. They’ve made front, rear, and mid engined sports cars, a whole host of different types of racecars, sedans and SUVs. More recently, Porsche got into the wagon market and I have to say, the results have been stunning. Porsche’s first, real wagon was the Panamera Sport Turismo, which was revealed with the Panamera’s second generation. Although wagon’s aren’t nearly as popular in the US as they are in Europe, I have seen a few roaming the streets here in LA so I’m pretty impressed.

Now we’ve known for quite some time now that Porsche has been looking to expand its wagon lineup with the new Taycan. Dubbed the Taycan Cross Turismo, this is essentially a wagon version of Porsche’s electric super sedan, the Taycan. For a while, we’d seen prototypes testing here and there, but nothing too major…until now.

A few days ago, the Taycan Cross Turismo was spotted testing with nearly zero camouflage, which is weird considering Porsche really hasn’t said much about its reveal other than it being delayed until 2021. But here it is, in all its glory, and it’s a stunner to say the least. It’s so sleek, and subtle, yet elegant at the same time. In all honesty, it looks like a better version of the Panamera Sport Turismo.

As far as performance is concerned, it’s very likely that the Cross Turismo’s trims will be carried over from the Taycan sedan meaning the range topping Turbo S will likely have 750 hp and 774 lb/ft of torque. Keep in mind this is a wagon, designed to carry families in a more practical, yet stylish way. Expect the Cross Turismo to be a little more expensive than its sedan counterpart.

I can’t wait to see this beast on the road, and I wonder if Tesla will do anything to compete with it. As of right now, the Taycan Cross Turismo is the only electric super-wagon (I love saying that) on the block. It’s going to be epic.

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